Oct. 16th, 2012

SG-1 FIC: Games People Play

Title: Games People Play
Summary: A surefire cure for boredom is to play some games. Too bad no one else wants to cooperate. Missing scene from Urgo.
Author's Note: Written for the SGC Alphabet Soup, except I realized after I wrote it that the fic had to be about an SGC personnel and not just a visitor. So now this is just another gen fic that takes place right after the briefing room scene where Jack swears he wasn't singing... until he was offered the proof. :) The first line of dialogue comes directly from the end of that scene.

X WAS for Xenophobe )
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SG-1 FIC: Commissary Sonata

Title: Commissary Sonata
Rating: G
Warning: None
Summary: Food, music and an imaginary alien makes for an interesting evening.
Author's Notes: Written for the SGC Alphabet Soup Anthology. Also written as a backup fic because I screwed up and originally wrote about a "visitor" not an SGC personnel.

X is for Xylophone )