Aug. 27th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Reflections of the Past

This story was written for the word "Frustration" which was the Jackfic Word of the Month for August 2005. It was also inspired by a line in a fic I had read some time ago. I put the two together and voila!! This idea was born.

Title: Reflections of the Past
Rating: Teens (just to be safe)
Pairings: A little bit of Jack/Sam and Jack/Sara... and maybe a few others...
Category: Angst, drama
Word Count 18,424 words
Summary: Jack is trapped in a wilderness of mirrors
Author’s Note: This story was inspired by the word "Frustration" and a few lines written by others that "spoke" to me. :D Special thanks goes out to Diane for her opinions and for the beta. She is the best!!

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Reflections of the Past )

Aug. 26th, 2011

FIC: Family Ties - Part Two - She Waits

She Waits )

SG-1 FIC: Family Ties - Part One - He Sleeps

When I wrote this ficlet, I had left the ending open, thinking that I would just leave it that way. It seemed to be a great place to end it. But the people who read this story had other ideas. lol They wanted to know more. So I wrote a second one, again thinking I was finally done, but then somebody else told me that I need to add more. I may eventually get around to writing another one (maybe two, because I want to write one extra POV) then this series is finished.

Summary: An Alternate Universe in which Jack and Sara never got divorced. Sara reflects on their relationship. Part One of the "Family Ties" series. Part One is in Sara's POV and Part Two is in Jack's.

He Sleeps )

Jan. 10th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Finding Peace

Title: Finding Peace
Rating: G
Pairings: Intended as a gen fic, but would probably be considered Jack/Sara by most
Prompt: Sara O'Neill, after the Stargate program becomes public knowledge.
Summary: The Stargate program becomes public knowledge and Sara O'Neill has some very specific questions.
Author's Notes: Written for the latest Women of the Gate Ficathon sponsored by [info]gate_women. Current title is tentative, as I couldn't think of a better one. I may change it if something better comes along.

Finding Peace )