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Aug. 26th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Casualties of War

Title: Casualties of War
Summary: General Hammond makes a decision that shapes the future of the Stargate program.
Author's Notes: Written for the Hammond Alphabet Soup Anthology hosted by [info]sg_fignewton. As is par for the course, this ficlet has not been beta'd yet.

I is for indecisions )

Aug. 25th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Winter Song

Rating/Warning: PG
Spoilers: Thor's Hammer
Word count: 3,042 words
Prompt: Gairwyn and Kendra. First meeting.
Summary: Prequel to "Thor's Hammer". The circumstances in which Gairwyn and Kendra meet are not so different. Neither is the friendship that came from it.
Author's Note: Written for [info]sg1friendathon and also for [info]gate_women's 11 in 11 Challenge. Special thanks to [info]majorsamfan, [info]sg_fignewton and [info]lolmac for their invaluable critiques and excellent advice on how to improve this story.

Winter Song )

Jul. 9th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Leaders of the Pack

Title: Leaders of the Pack
Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Jack and Bra'tac play a little game of cat and mouse
Author's Notes: You know, trying to fit a story into a 1,000 words can sometimes be so restrictive that nothing can save it. This is one of those times. I put in too much action and not enough reaction into this one, leaving it a little choppy. Still, it's not as embarrassing as the Mummy crossover story that no will ever see (I've already deleted it) so into my journal it goes!

Written for the [info]stargate_las prompt, "I love it when a plan comes together."

Who's the boss? )
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SG-1 FIC: Unexpected Consequences

Title: Unexpected Consequences
Rating: (PG)
Warnings: None
Summary: SG-1 encounters a big problem while on a routine mission.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, "What the HELL was I thinking?" for [info]stargate_las

Unexpected Consequences )
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SG-1 FIC: Mending Fences

Title: Mending Fences
Rating: (G)
Warnings: None
Summary: Jacob has second thoughts. Missing scene from "Seth".
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, The things we do for family for [info]stargate_las.

He would do almost anything for her. )

SG-1 FIC: Worthy Sacrifices

Title: Worthy Sacrifices
Pairings: None
Rating: (G)
Summary: Rya'c works through his guilt and his grief with help from Master Bra'tac
Warnings: Character death
Author's Notes: Written for [info]stargate_las. The prompt was [character] loses someone very close to them (family, friend, lover.. etc.) and grows from it.

Worthy Sacrifices )

SG-1 FIC: Total Recall

Title: Total Recall
Pairings: None
Rating: (PG-13)
Warnings: None
Summary: Daniel's memories come back to haunt him courtesy of a mad scientist.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, Flashback for [info]stargate_las.

Total Recall )
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SG-1 FIC: All American

Story Title: All American
Rating: (G)
Pairings: None
Summary: Jack is accused of being a traitor, much to the disbelief of everyone but Kinsey.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, American as Apple Pie, for [info]stargate_las. Also, I was only allowed 1,000 words so the ending is left open to interpretation. Just keep in mind that Kinsey never wins. :D

American as apple pie )
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Jun. 21st, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Honoring the Heroes

[info]sg_fignewton is taking drabble prompts over at her journal and she wrote a great one for mine: Daniel and Teal'c get more than a pat on the back for saving the world.

It's a cute little drabble and very inspiring because I came away from it with an idea of my own. My prompt was based on the fact that Daniel and Teal'c never get a medal for their efforts. Or do they? Hmmmm?? Go on and read Fignewton's drabble to discover for yourself if they do or don't!!

Like I said, I was inspired by that wonderful drabble and wrote a comment!fic of my own. I wonder if I can get away with calling it a triple drabble due to the 319 words…

Oh, all right. It's a comment!fic. :)

Onward to the fic )

Feb. 6th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Of Mummies and Men

Title: Of Mummies and Men
Rating: G
Summary: SG-1 finds more than they bargained for when they go to Egypt on a quest to retrieve a Goa'uld infested urn.
Author's Notes: Written for the Crossover Alphabet Soup Anthology sponsored by [info]sg_fignewton. Crossover with "The Mummy".

Q is for Quest )

Jan. 30th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Unexpected Consequences

Title: Unexpected Consequences
Characters: Team
Rating: (PG)
Warnings: None
Summary: Things aren't always what they appear to be.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, "What the HELL was I thinking?" for [info]stargate_las.

Bat-like creatures flew at them from all directions... )
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Jan. 10th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: Finding Peace

Title: Finding Peace
Rating: G
Pairings: Intended as a gen fic, but would probably be considered Jack/Sara by most
Prompt: Sara O'Neill, after the Stargate program becomes public knowledge.
Summary: The Stargate program becomes public knowledge and Sara O'Neill has some very specific questions.
Author's Notes: Written for the latest Women of the Gate Ficathon sponsored by [info]gate_women. Current title is tentative, as I couldn't think of a better one. I may change it if something better comes along.

Finding Peace )

Dec. 16th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Jolinar's Legacy

Title: Jolinar's Legacy
Rating: (PG-13)
Warnings: Mention of canon torture
Summary: AU version of "In The Line of Duty". Jolinar takes refuge in Jack.
Author's Notes: Originally written for the [info]stargate_las prompt, "Pick a scene from any episode and re-write that scene to have it happen differently from the show," but didn't use due to the fact that this story covers more than one scene.

Nothing was real anymore )
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Dec. 15th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Passing of the Torch

Title: Passing of the Torch
Characters: Jack, Ba'al
Rating: (T)
Warnings: Mention of canon torture
Summary: AU version of "Abyss". Jack isn't alone in Ba'al's torture chamber.
Author's Notes: Written for the [info]stargate_las prompt, "Pick a scene from any episode and re-write that scene to have it happen differently from the show." This is what I came up with.

Deep in the abyss of our souls )

Dec. 1st, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Anything to Win

Title: Anything to win
Rating: (PG)
Warnings: Daniel calls Jack an ass. :)
Summary: SG-1 avoids the enemy as they make their way to their final destination.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, "That's the last of the coffee" for [info]one_prompt.
Additional note and apology: I tried something different this time around. I wanted to write this from a narrative POV - and unfortunately, I failed miserably at it. Actually, I can say that it starts out on the right track, I just sort of slipped and fell and… *sigh* I finally gave up the fight and am leaving it like it is. Sorry if all the "head-hopping" makes you dizzy.

Some things never change. )
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Nov. 23rd, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Living Among the Dead

Title: Living Among the Dead
Characters: Cassandra Fraiser, Sam Carter
Rating: (G)
Warnings: None
Summary: Cassandra deals with the death of her mothers.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, "Alone" for the LJ community, [info]stargate_las. I actually won this time around, a fact that still surprises me to this day. :D

Nowhere to run, everywhere to hide. )
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Nov. 8th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: The Key

Story Title: The Key
Character/Relationships: Charlie O'Neill
Rating: (G)
Summary: Charlie O'Neill only wanted to look at his dad's gun. That's all.
Warnings: None really, unless you count events leading up to canon character death
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, "[character] at age 10" for [info]stargate_las

Surely it wouldn't hurt to touch the gun, just this once... )

ETA: I forgot to mention that I was thinking of expanding on this fic - to show what happens next. I was only allowed 1,000 words, so I ended it here for the contest, but now I'm wondering if I need to build on to it. What do you all think? Add in the very last scene, or leave it as is?

Sep. 27th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Changes

Story Title: Changes
Characters: Original Team, Hammond
Rating: (G)
Summary: Jack decides to liven things up during yet another time loop.
Warnings: None
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, "Routines" at [info]stargate_las.

Changes )
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Jul. 9th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: Gateway to the Stars

Title: Gateway to the Stars
Summary: SG-1 is stranded off-world, but not for long.
Author's Notes: Written for the Team Alphabet soup Anthology sponsored by [info]sg_fignewton - S is for Stargate

Gateway to the Stars

The gateway stands on the hill like a sentry, strong and tall, forever watching humanity and wildlife as they come and go. There are many names for this gateway - the stone circle, Chappa'ai, stairway to heaven, Stargate, and yet to the four people running toward it now, the gateway represents a haven, a way to safety. It represents home.

There is no shame in retreat, Jack O'Neill thought, as he ordered his troops back to the gate. No shame at all, especially since the enemy outnumbered them four to one. He swore softly when a staff blast barely missed him, but he kept running toward the gate, the humongous beacon of hope that meant only one thing at a time like this… safety.

Onward to the rest of the story. )

Jun. 28th, 2010

SG-1 FIC: The Stranger Within

Title: The Stranger Within
Rating: G
Prompt: The first time Cassie realized just how different she still was even after several years on Earth.
Summary: Cassie worries about her future on Earth. Missing scene from Rite of Passage
Author's Notes: Written for [info]gate_women ficathon.

No matter how hard she tried to hide her past and fit in with the others, she was still an alien. )
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