July 9th, 2011

SG-1 FIC: All American

Story Title: All American
Rating: (G)
Pairings: None
Summary: Jack is accused of being a traitor, much to the disbelief of everyone but Kinsey.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, American as Apple Pie, for [info]stargate_las. Also, I was only allowed 1,000 words so the ending is left open to interpretation. Just keep in mind that Kinsey never wins. :D

American as apple pie )
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SG-1 FIC: Total Recall

Title: Total Recall
Pairings: None
Rating: (PG-13)
Warnings: None
Summary: Daniel's memories come back to haunt him courtesy of a mad scientist.
Author's Note: Written for the prompt, Flashback for [info]stargate_las.

Total Recall )
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SG-1 FIC: Worthy Sacrifices

Title: Worthy Sacrifices
Pairings: None
Rating: (G)
Summary: Rya'c works through his guilt and his grief with help from Master Bra'tac
Warnings: Character death
Author's Notes: Written for [info]stargate_las. The prompt was [character] loses someone very close to them (family, friend, lover.. etc.) and grows from it.

Worthy Sacrifices )

SG-1 FIC: Mending Fences

Title: Mending Fences
Rating: (G)
Warnings: None
Summary: Jacob has second thoughts. Missing scene from "Seth".
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, The things we do for family for [info]stargate_las.

He would do almost anything for her. )

SG-1 FIC: Unexpected Consequences

Title: Unexpected Consequences
Rating: (PG)
Warnings: None
Summary: SG-1 encounters a big problem while on a routine mission.
Author's Notes: Written for the prompt, "What the HELL was I thinking?" for [info]stargate_las

Unexpected Consequences )
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SG-1 FIC: Leaders of the Pack

Title: Leaders of the Pack
Ratings: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Jack and Bra'tac play a little game of cat and mouse
Author's Notes: You know, trying to fit a story into a 1,000 words can sometimes be so restrictive that nothing can save it. This is one of those times. I put in too much action and not enough reaction into this one, leaving it a little choppy. Still, it's not as embarrassing as the Mummy crossover story that no will ever see (I've already deleted it) so into my journal it goes!

Written for the [info]stargate_las prompt, "I love it when a plan comes together."

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